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testing Avigan,

Israel is one of the first nations to begin testing Avigan, which has been praised in China and Japan for reducing recovery time for patients with mild cases of coronavirus.

By World Israel News Staff

On Monday, a shipment of an experimental drug called Avigan arrived in Israel, which the Ministry of Health hopes will slash the amount of time it takes for mildly ill coronavirus patients to recover from the potentially deadly disease,
 the Jerusalem Post reported.

Administering Avigan, which is also known as Favipiravir, reportedly cuts recover time in mild cases to just four days, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to eliminate the virus by about a week.

While the drug was previously used in China and Japan, where officials say it prevented the patients from deteriorating, no clinical trials have been carried out.

Israel received the drug thanks to the efforts of infectious diseases expert Prof. Ran Nir-Paz of Hadassah-University Medical Center in Jerusalem, Dr. Esti Sayag of Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, and Israel’s ambassador to Japan Yaffa Ben-Ari, the Post reported.

According to Sayag, Avigan represents the brightest hope among the handful of drugs that are being considered to treat coronavirus.

Eighty patients at hospitals in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberias, and Beersheba will be given Avigan to test its efficacy in treating coronavirus. The drug was originally developed for influenza.

As of Monday evening, 57 Israelis had died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with a total of almost 9,000 total diagnoses.
Chris Braid25 days ago

So glad some people aren’t waiting for many tests for reassurance, common sense dictates that in this extraordinary time we need to throw all possible effective remedies and catalog the results , FDA competencies are all very well but the problem has too many variables to depend on one solution. The biggest variable is the patient ...

Sally Fox25 days ago

. . .a momentous solution to help save our planet.

thereligionofpeace VS messia21 days ago

IRAN OIC Riyadh ] [ I don't hate Israel today,
less than how you hate it,
then, you must look to Israel which I will build,
because Rothschild has powerfully cursed all the peoples of the world,
and therefore all nations must be rebuilt,
that's why I can't hate people in this world,
but all ideological and religious criminal systems must stop resisting me!

thereligionofpeace VS messia • 

SARS (acronym for Severe acute respiratory syndrome in English) or severe (or "severe") respiratory syndrome is an atypical form of pneumonia
SARS-CoV · Virus: SARS-CoV
the covind has the same engine as Sars
so even the hustle and bustle/drug against Sars should work

Riky Luria24 days ago

As long as there is no information, to compare with, of Flu & Pneumonia patients, we really don't know how severe the COVID-19 is. We were informed that 69,000 death cases from Flu happened last year in USA. Is it true?
Finché non ci sono informazioni, da confrontare con, dei pazienti con influenza e polmonite, non sappiamo davvero quanto sia grave il COVID-19. Siamo stati informati che 69.000 casi di morte per influenza si sono verificati l'anno scorso negli Stati Uniti. È vero?

thereligionofpeace VS messia Riky Luriaa minute ago

Morgan killed JFK for making the executive order 11110 and the antichrist Merkel: told me that she is ready to be killed too to save the European peoples: at this point, also because the CIA does not were must to infect the Chinese with coronavirus.
PIO XII Pope slandered and inconvenient for the Jews B'nai B'rith Rothschild parasites in synagogues of satan. To strike Pius XII, for this lgbt Masonic-Communist-Islamic scum of istory and of identical bad faith: it is to hit the Catholic world, the Christian Europe.
centrosangiorgio com / download / pdf / papa_pio_xii.pdf
Anglo-Americans Supreme Sanhedrin FED: to hide his responsibilities: he slandered the Pope!
Now, let's ask ourselves again: but why was such an unworthy distortion of the facts, both by that American writer (with his book "Death in Rome"), and by that other German writer (with his "Cario" ) and is the producer of the film "Retaliation" by an Italian? * ?.
42 The inspiration for this film came to the director from the book by the American Robert Katz. And this would already be enough to classify it. But the Court of Appeal of Rome, in the grounds of the sentence issued on 1 July 1978, at the end of the trial for defamation of the memory of Pope Pius XII, in relation to the massacre of the "Fosse Ardeatine", and totally reforming the previous decision of the fourth criminal section of the Court, because they had considered the lawsuit filed five years earlier by Ms. Elena Rossi to be unfounded
Simple: underneath, there was a double purpose, artfully manipulated by the communists. On the one hand, that is, we wanted to divert the attention of the public from the various perpetrators of the massacre; on the other, we wanted to muddy the angelic figure of Pius XII because, for the current policy of the "historical compromise", of the surrender to the left, that Pope was too uncomfortable.
One of the most important moments, in fact, of his pontificate was when he launched the anathema against communism, the contagion that was already threatening catholicity with its anti-Christian and materialistic ideology. The excommunication from communism and those who profess its doctrine was one of his most prominent pontifical acts, nephew of Pope Pacelli, he said that "the work of historical research - if indeed such - is never defamatory". Consequently, neither the book "Death in Rome", by the American writer Robert Katz, nor the film "Rappresaglia" (from which it was taken), produced by Carlo Ponti, directed by Jorge Pan Cosmatos c written by Cosmatos himself and by Robert Katz, have harmed the reputation of the deceased Pontiff. And so the first criminal section of the Court of Appeal, chaired by Luigi Tria, accepting the defense theses of the lawyers, acquitted the three defendants with a broad formula. And this - let's repeat it ---- because the American writer would have acted in the exercise of the right of historical research, guaranteed by articles 21 c 33 of the Constitution. "A historian - reads the sentence - after exposing, without partisanship and with non-unreliable arguments, the reasons for his conviction), has the right to observe that Pope Pacelli, not intervening to prevent or avoid Nazi retaliation, made a choice "Politics" to condemn. " Now, how honest, objective and studious of "historical facts" was the said writer and, consequently, the director of "Rescue", we have already demonstrated it more than enough. It should be noted that, in the sentence (32 files drawn up by the councilor Vincenzo Rizzo), there is even a ban on mentioning Pope Paul VI (still alive at the time of the trial!) As a "witness", as the Pope is head of a foreign state (sic!). Of course, there is no need to comment on this partisanship and ignorance!

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questa NON è una testata giornalistica

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questa NON è una testata giornalistica

questa NON è una testata giornalistica

questa NON è una testata giornalistica

322 Kerry 666 doesn't need Epstain's lolite

322 Kerry 666 doesn't need Epstain's lolite



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gli ebrei criminali e senza pudore
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OCI ONU SHARIA salafiti Lega Araba in Siria
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islamici caricano video dei martiri cristiani
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